Monday, November 11, 2013

Member of Resort Holiday Group's Trip To Blue Mountain Resort

Great Feedback

The stay my wife and I had in Blue Mountains was extremely relaxing, we stayed at Club Intrawest in one of the condos Beaver.
The accomodations were exceptional and the staff were amazing.  We stayed a week, used the BBQ that was available
in the courtyard, the pilot light was always on and the BBQ was ready to go when we needed it, which was great!
Neighbours, some stayed one night others more, the most enjoyable part was there was no transfer of noise from
condo to condo, did not even know they were there.  Peace and serenity was all around us.  Wandering throughout the
village and visiting the various shops and restaurants made it easy as they are all within walking distance.
Having a kitchen to cook in and being able to do laundry was also great!  They even supply dish washer tabs and
laundry soap, above and beyond our expectations!  Booking with Nicole was easily done, we even made the trip
back to Georgian Manor to chat with her, she is truly fantastic at her job.  The last day was a little noisy from above
not sure if they had a kid with wooden feet but the thumping did get a little tiresome after 3 hours.  All in all it was a fantastic week away
and we want to thank you for all you have done for us!

The living room was very comfortable…..

Chilling out and catching a movie with my wife….

Cuddle up by the fire place….

This was the unit we stayed in main floor, Second from the left, view of the golf course and lake was truly beautiful!

An over view of the living room.

Let me know if the is helps you out!  If you have any questions feel free to Email me!
Members James and Sigrid Villeneuve

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