Thursday, November 28, 2013

Travel Bucket List : Italy

  Travel Bucket List - Italy

-Visit Museums, Roman Ruins, The Renaissance...
-Experience their cuisine Pizza, Gelato, Pasta or Even take a cooking Class
-Take a Trip to the many beaches, Vineyards, Shops

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Tip Of The Day

Wrap Gifts After You Arrive

Do not wrap gifts and packages when carrying them on board. All items carried on board are subject to inspection and may be unwrapped at the security checkpoint.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Travel Bucket List

You Only Live Once So Make the Best with This ONE Life You Have ..

Lets Get Started
Where First?
Travel is a privilege and one of our greatest treasures, and we all should have a travel bucket list. 
It broadens our minds and feeds our souls, and who wouldn't want to experience something wondrous or incredibly beautiful, whether made by man or Mother Nature?
 We Will Be Posting Daily 
Travel Bucket List Ideas! 

One Of The Most Romantic Destinations in The World!

From the air you can clearly spot Bora Bora's resorts, with their long wooden walkways lined with thatched-roof overwater bungalows extending out over the lagoon.

White-sand beaches to its tropical-fish-packed Lagoons.

Holiday Travel Tip Of The Day

Don't Leave your Holiday Travel Plans till the Last minute..

The Closer to you get the holidays the chances are that the Prices have Increased .

Make a Plan & Book it Ahead.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Travel Quote Of The Day

Travel Tip Of The Day

Travel Tip: A few days before you go.... 

Google a brief history of whatever country you are going to visit.
 Even if you are just going somewhere generic and “down south” for
 a week at a resort, having a general knowledge of the history of the
 people and country can provide you with some valuable empathy for this new place. 

And maybe read an article of two out of a big newspaper from the country itself - 

familiarize yourself with one interesting thing that is going on! 
Worst case scenario you’ll have a conversation-starter while you’re 
sitting alone at the bar!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Members Feedback of his Trip to Canmore, Grand Rocky Resorts

A Very Happy Camper

Hi Nicole, 
First of all, I am so happy to live in a posh accommodation at Canmore, Grand Rocky Resorts through Sunshine Resorts.  I must thank you because it was only possible through your effort. The staff there also was very helpful. That is another thing that I almost lost two days due to snow. But thanks to you personally. If there are people like you, I would be happy camper. 

Next my wife and i would like to go to Dominican Republic sometime early next year. Advise me what is the best time to go?
James Luke

Member of Resort Holiday Group's Trip To Blue Mountain Resort

Great Feedback

The stay my wife and I had in Blue Mountains was extremely relaxing, we stayed at Club Intrawest in one of the condos Beaver.
The accomodations were exceptional and the staff were amazing.  We stayed a week, used the BBQ that was available
in the courtyard, the pilot light was always on and the BBQ was ready to go when we needed it, which was great!
Neighbours, some stayed one night others more, the most enjoyable part was there was no transfer of noise from
condo to condo, did not even know they were there.  Peace and serenity was all around us.  Wandering throughout the
village and visiting the various shops and restaurants made it easy as they are all within walking distance.
Having a kitchen to cook in and being able to do laundry was also great!  They even supply dish washer tabs and
laundry soap, above and beyond our expectations!  Booking with Nicole was easily done, we even made the trip
back to Georgian Manor to chat with her, she is truly fantastic at her job.  The last day was a little noisy from above
not sure if they had a kid with wooden feet but the thumping did get a little tiresome after 3 hours.  All in all it was a fantastic week away
and we want to thank you for all you have done for us!

The living room was very comfortable…..

Chilling out and catching a movie with my wife….

Cuddle up by the fire place….

This was the unit we stayed in main floor, Second from the left, view of the golf course and lake was truly beautiful!

An over view of the living room.

Let me know if the is helps you out!  If you have any questions feel free to Email me!
Members James and Sigrid Villeneuve

Friday, November 8, 2013

Honeymooners talking a Walk from Ocean Manor to Cabarete beachs

How Perfect is This Picture!
Honeymooners talking a Romantic Walk from Ocean Manor Resort to the Cabarete Beachs.
Its looks so Peaceful they are the only one there!
They Posted this Picture on TripAdviser.

Travel The World

How about The Adventure Vacation 

Your Into Exploring The World & Experiencing Culture & Adventure!!

Our Ocean Manor Beach Resort Located in Cabarete, Domincan Republic

Beautiful Beaches with So Many Water Activities like  Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Wake boarding And So Much More.

Beautiful Lush Mountains With Many Land Activities Like Caving, Canyoning,  Hiking , Horse Back Riding And So Much More!!

This Is Just a Start - Where Next Italy ? Or Possibly Spain?!! 

Travel The World

Resort Holiday Group is here to help you get the most out of life!

You've always wanted to travel the world !!
Your Have A Bucket List with All your Dream Vacations
We Are here to Help !!

Your Dream Family Vacation - Disney Land?!!

Disney Animal Kingdom?!!! 

They Have Tree House Villas, A Magical Express that Picks you    up from the Airport And So Much More!!