Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Georgian Manor Resort Tripadvisor Review

23 Sep 2013

 After reading all of the negative reviews on this property, I had alot of anxiety after booking it.
 We had a 2 bedroom, 3 bath, condo, with a full kitchen, large living room and dining room, and a nice patio. We went with a group of friends, most in their 50's for the weekend through an RCI "last call" getaway. 
We were on motorcycles, and needed a base to come back to after riding around the beautiful area.
 After reading the bad reviews, I tried to change for another resort, but it was Labour Day weekend,
 and this was all they had.
 Before we left home, we told the friends that the resort sounded "sketchy",
 and that we should keep a very open mind, and their attitude was that we just needed a place to sleep, 
and as long as it didn't have bedbugs, then we were ok. 
So when we walked into the condo, I was amazed at how nice and spacious and clean it was. 
Sure, the paint was peeling a bit on the kitchen cupboards, and there was a chair in the living room where you would sink right in when you sat on it, but it was really nice! 
We ended up spending alot of time in the condo, making some really nice meals -
 nice barbecue in good working order, and nice patio, where we spent alot of day and evening time.
 One night in the lounge, there was a fabulous guitar player/singer, who did all of our requests! 
We had a great time at this place - I wouldn't hesitate to go back for a week.
 I think that there should be 2 tripadvisor sites for this place - one for the condos themselves, and one for the people that disliked the free stay and timeshare spiel - 
one of our friends that went with us, did the timeshare free nights deal, and they were really unhappy with the way things went, but they loved staying in the condo! 
But really, we bought timeshare 25 years ago going in blindly, lured by free Disney tickets,
 so they have to have some kind of angle to get you - it's been great for us, but yeah, some places do go too far - I suspect Georgian Manor is one of them. 
I really liked this place. 
Oh yes, wonderful people at the front desk, especially Carol.

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